Thursday, 22 March 2012

Moombah Sandwich

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Got some massive new downloads for you, most are Moombahton/core tracks so I figured I'd feed it to you in a sandwich.

First up is a Cyberoptics remix of "Get to the Point" from Excision and Liquid Stranger, those three names gives the best gauge on how big this track is. Liquid Stranger & Excision - Get to the Point (Cyberoptics Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Cyberoptics
Next up is some ridiculous "Metalbahton" from the massive Deathstep Duo, Mantis, these two have had a fair few EP releases through record labels like Play Me, Heavy Artillery, Brotown and their latest on Abducted Records. Fumes [110-70 VIP] [FREE 320 DOWNLOAD] by MANTIS Dubstep
Continuing with the Moombah theme the next track comes from Twinz Beatz, the brothers have done an awesome remix of Tyga's track "Faded" and its worked out pretty well I think, so have a listen.

Tyga ft. Lil Wayne - Faded (Twinz Beatz Moombahcore Remix) by Twinz Beatz
the last piece of Moombah for this snack comes as a freebie from Play Me, the track is a remix of "Rainbow Necklace" from Street Lurkin's latest EP. Sazon Booya has been given the honours for this one and he doesn't disappoint.

Rainbow Necklace - Street Lurkin - Sazon Booya Remix (Play Me Freebie) by Play Me Records
Moving us away from the Moombahton theme is Soloman, his track "Crunkin" is a hard hitting dub track with the focus on the bass so I'd definitely advice having a sub when listening to this one, if you don't have one I guess you'll still be able to relate to the chopped up sample that I'm sure everyone will recognise.

Soloman - Crunkin (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Soloman

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