Friday, 23 March 2012

Omg Its Techno Music!

What would you say if you were asked to predict which direction the future of electronic music is going? Trance? Dubstep? Moombahton? Electro house? Bongs? Personally I think that techno is the music of the future, simply due to simplistic nature and original style. As the taste of the EDM community changes, techno artists easily adapt and yet still maintain the groovin feeel of the genre. These aspects compared with other genres such as Dubstep , make it apparent that techno is going to continue to progress and engage audiences, as opposed to turning into a shitting contest of who can make the biggest drop!!

Here are a few current techno/electro bangers going round the circuit!!

Have a bong brooo!! 

Mumbai Science - Alchemy by Mumbai Science

Nadisko - Event Horizon by Nadisko

GSUS! - Epilogue (Original Mix) FULL VERSION by GSUS! a>

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